The recently concluded UFC 235 had some interesting results coming from the Octagon. The evening’s highlight was UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones defending his belt against Anthony ‘Lionheart’ Smith.  In the other fight, we saw Kamaru Usman fight with UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

 Before that evening, Usman had won 13 straight fights. Woodley came to UFC from The Ultimate Fighter and had six straight wins, and five of those were submissions.

 Prior to UFC 235, Jones won 10 matches by knockout and 6 by submission.

The light heavyweight title match was relatively one-sided as Smith could not find a way to score against Jones. They consider the 31-year-old New Yorker as one of the most promising upcoming fighters. Jones had control throughout his fight and by the end, he had landed close to 200 strikes on his opponent. Smith managed to stroke his opponent close to 40 times.

 There was only one point of controversy in the entire fight when Jones put a knee to Smith’s face in the fourth round. Smith was already on the floor and the match Referee Herb Dean penalized Jones 2 points in the round.

 But the penalty made no difference to Jones since he got 48-44, 48-44, 48-44 results in his favor.

The Welterweight championship fight between Usman and Woodley was also one-sided.  The African dominated his opponent in all five rounds of the fight. The American did not make a dent at “The Nigerian Nightmare”.  At the end of the fight, the scoreboard read 50-44, 50-44, and 50-45 in favor of Usman. He is now the first African to become a UFC champion.

In the end, UFC 235 turned out to be a fun fight to watch.